HidrateSpark PRO Smart Water LED Bottle Review

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HidrateSpark PRO Smart Water Bottle With LED Temperature Display

HidrateSpark PRO is a smart water bottle featuring a light-up sensor puck to encourage you to drink more water. It connects with an app for tracking hydration levels, as well as Apple Health for further archival of this data.

The app is easy to use and offers various settings for its light-up puck. While the water bottle might be pricey, it will help people become more consistent in their water intake habits.

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smart LED water bottle


HidrateSpark smart water bottle helps users achieve their hydration goals with an app on their smartphone, with sensors measuring water intake synced via Bluetooth to synchronize with it in real-time with its respective app. Furthermore, there’s an LED ring which reminds the user to drink, plus customizable mobile notifications which can be set via the app itself.

The smart water bottle is vacuum insulated to maintain optimal temperatures of hot and cold beverages for up to 24 hours, accommodating ice cubes or fruit infusions with ease and its flip-top lid can be opened and closed quickly and effortlessly.

As part of its setup process, HidrateSpark app recommends an appropriate hydration goal based on your profile, fitness activity, and local weather. You can override this recommendation to suit your personal needs; additionally, history logs are displayed along with an option for manually adding water.


HidrateSpark PRO features an LED smart sensor puck that clips securely into the bottom of a bottle, glowing to remind you to drink water and track your consumption using Bluetooth synchronisation with our free iOS and Android apps. In addition, the app lets you set a hydration goal that it will track automatically.

The insulated stainless steel body keeps your beverage cold while remaining BPA-free, featuring soft grip handles, customizable glow colors/patterns and a rechargeable battery with fast charging cable included for fast charging capabilities.

The HidrateSpark Pro’s lid lock can be difficult to use at first, but once adjusted it makes holding the bottle much simpler. Furthermore, this device only works with water and should only be used with carbonated beverages (not carbonated drinks or other liquids). Also note that its lid, bottom ring and sensor stick must all be hand washed for optimal use.

Battery life

Hidrate Spark smart water bottle uses a standard coin cell battery to monitor your daily water intake. The battery usually lasts several months before low battery notifications notify you it may need replacing.

This 20-ounce water bottle is an ideal way to improve hydration habits and encourage regular consumption of fluids. An LED smart sensor puck glows to remind you to drink up, while its app can help set goals and track progress towards them.

Add ice cubes or fruit infusions easily to your drinks with this leak-proof and convenient carrying handle bottle, featuring a Reset button and microUSB port for charging. Clean your lid using damp cloth before hand-washing your stainless steel base section – both features make this smart water bottle compatible with major fitness apps!


This smart water bottle features a rechargeable battery that can be charged either via its base or cable, with its sensor puck glowing brightly when connected via Bluetooth to the HidrateSpark app, providing daily goals, drink logs and breakdown of hydration levels.

The app is easy to set up and use, providing easy access to essential info. Based on your personal information, it can recommend an hydration goal for you or you can create one on your own.

The sensor stick can be calibrated through an app and you can choose from three notification glow styles for it to display on the bottle. This friendly reminder makes this bottle an invaluable asset for anyone struggling to drink enough water throughout their day. Plus, its softly glowing LED lights add another level of fun when drinking water; turn up for an exciting show or dim down for subtle reminders!