Must-Have Educational Apps For Children: Enhancing Learning In The Digital Age

Must-Have Educational Apps for Children: Enhancing Learning in the Digital Age

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Math Learning Apps For Children

There are a number must-have educational apps for children and math Learning Apps designed specifically to aid children’s mathematical development, including interactive games and progress tracking capabilities. While some are free, others require payment.

Monster Math for example provides an engaging way for kids to practice adding and subtracting. Kids will remain motivated with every correct answer by collecting virtual rewards – you can even select between jungle, candy or space-themed settings!

Let’s explore more of our picks:

Moose Math

Moose Math is a free Common Core-aligned learning app for young children that engages them in five multi-level activities tied together by a narrative storyline. Kids can practice addition and subtraction skills, geometry, sorting and counting while earning rewards that help build their town. With its lively characters, vibrant graphics and exciting interactive activities Moose Math makes an excellent educational choice for young learners.

This math Game App provides engaging games to teach multiple skills at once, such as smoothie making, painting and bingo. Users can compete against their friends in multiplayer mode! Perfect for practicing addition and subtraction skills at any age level – designed by Duck Duck Moose featuring charming Dust Funnies that help children develop math proficiency!

Doodle Maths

Doodle Maths helps children build maths confidence with a personalized work program tailored specifically to their strengths and weaknesses. Perfect for Reception to Year 6, Doodle Maths meets all UK primary school mathematics curriculum criteria.

The app begins by administering a baseline test to assess your child’s level and any gaps, before providing daily practice questions to be completed by your child.

Doodle Maths questions are designed to be fun but not too challenging, offering both standard problems and more challenging ones. Children earn rewards and badges to keep them engaged, with the app also keeping records and giving feedback on your child’s progress – with an interactive parent dashboard available to monitor progress as well. A subscription is necessary in order to use Doodle Maths; there are single subject and bundle subscription plans available.

Splash Learn

Splash Learn’s program for Years 1-6 makes practice and review fun by masking drill and review in visually engaging games that children find enjoyable.

Skill development with videogames also takes a more focused approach than many curricula, helping students improve their grasp of key concepts such as two digit addition and subtraction strategies or grade-level fractions that may need extra practice.

At its core is an adaptive algorithm which creates an individual daily learning path tailored to meet each student’s specific needs, helping students build confidence and increase marks on school exams. Parents can monitor progress using an easy-to-use dashboard which displays weak areas as well as receiving weekly reports. Teachers can assign skills and activities directly to their students through this program.

Twelve a Dozen

Twelve a Dozen is an exceptional game designed to capture students’ interest and capture their attention. It focuses on mathematical operations and their combinations and incorporates tough jumping sections and puzzles as part of its platformer experience. Furthermore, its graphics, music, map physics and environment all work in concert to energize its gameplay experience and give students a truly dynamic playing experience.

Players assume the role of 12, an inhabitant of Dozenopolis’ fictional calculator world who must investigate what caused a recent numerical catastrophe. Kids progress through 30 levels in which they must solve various math challenges to clear obstacles off their path – unlocking powers as they complete each level to help overcome each challenge more easily.

Prodigy Math

Prodigy Math is a free app designed to meet the math practice needs of elementary through eighth-grade students. Utilizing game-based learning, Prodigy Math uses wizard characters in battles against each other to offer adaptive math practice aligned to curriculum standards.

Adaptive math games adjust difficulty according to each student’s mastery level and offer teachers real-time reports to monitor student progress.

Students find the gameplay highly engaging, and are motivated to battle monsters and complete quests in order to collect rewards such as clothing, wands and potions – plus buddies (small animals that accompany you on adventures) and furniture for their virtual homes! Furthermore, our chat feature allows players to communicate using predetermined language sentences; an ideal solution for supporting students who struggle with social anxiety or have learning disabilities.