What are Some of the Most Iconic Video Game Music Themes of All Time?

What are Some of the Most Iconic Video Game Music Themes of All Time?

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Video Game music has quickly become one of the most rewarding areas for composers. From pumping metal and cello solos, to relaxing ambient pieces and classic game soundtracks – composers have plenty of opportunity for creativity in video game composition!

Here is are a few of our picks in no particular order:


Super Mario Bros


Virtually every gamer has heard this song and instantly knows it by heart. Its simple tune is catchy yet subtle enough that gamers everywhere make room in their brains for it.



After Microsoft and Bungie revolutionized first-person shooters with Halo: Combat Evolved, their soundtrack set an unprecedented standard – every major release since has featured variations on this song.


Zelda’s a link to the past is to this day, amoung the greatest games ever, yet its music remains powerful due to its subtly. This early example of Gaming as art remains timeless today and remains captivatingly innovative.

Even non-gamers recognize this iconic theme from Zelda: overworld music set the bar high! This tune is beautiful and nostalgic.



Minecraft stands apart as one of the few games which offers players the ability to build their own worlds with limitless possibilities. The C418 theme not only brings nostalgia but also keeps us hooked even more on this masterpiece adventure.


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Ocarina Of Time theme song stands as testament to this reputation. Epona’s hooves
operating as soft percussion has captured millions of gamers around the globe with this soft melody, reminding us about a happier time.


No one can forget the intense, testosterone-charged gore that id Software created
with DOOM’s explosive soundtrack, from its pounding drums to its distorted guitars –
truly an artistic creation!

Civilisation IV

Civilisation IV’s music perfectly captures the feeling of adventure, discovery, and
wonder as players assume their roles of conquering new worlds. It inspires courage
and heroism while being both inspiring and motivating.

This original theme is instantly recognisable among both gamers and non-gamers,
and has even made appearances in several compilations of video game music.