What Is The Best Studio Controller For Twitch And OBS of 2023?

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The Best Studio Controller of 2023 –  Elgato Stream Deck MK2 

Elgato’s Stream Deck keyboard shortcut device is at the core of their hardware offerings, offering everything from muzzling yourself during Team Skype calls to running through lengthy editing processes seamlessly.

15 customizable LCD buttons make this tool enjoyable to use and look fantastic on the desk. Equipped with integrations for Twitch and OBS as well as plugins for Spotify or controlling Smart Home devices, this device goes far beyond streaming.

Stream Deck


As soon as it’s plugged in, the Stream Deck’s 15 customizable LCD keys shine brightly, enabling you to assign actions for each button that execute when pressed – everything from opening video game menus and music player track selection to starting and stopping camera recording automatically.

This latest model adds dials beneath its customizable buttons – an innovative feature seen previously on devices such as Corsair iCue Nexus and Logitech Loupedeck – providing convenient one-touch operation of functions that would otherwise require multiple keyboard shortcuts or more than four dials to operate. Furthermore, each dial feels satisfying to push, making for seamless one-touch control of complex processes like editing film or working with Digital Audio Workstations.

Another welcome feature is the ability to create profiles with custom key layouts, giving users more freedom when it comes to customizing key setups for every project. This feature can save countless hours when working on programs with lengthy or repetitive processes – for instance film editors and video production – as this prevents frequent contact with specific hotkeys that cause “finger burn”.

The Stream Deck Plus also comes equipped with built-in integrations for software and apps such as OBS, Twitch and Twitter and features an online marketplace where you can instantly purchase and download third-party plugins or icons – such as ones to thank donors or welcome new subscribers if you are streaminger.


Elgato’s Stream Deck has long been at the heart of their gaming and streaming portfolio, thanks to its soft rectangular form that easily interacts with software, hardware, and smart home devices. From recording on gaming consoles and launches video editors to mutes yourself during Skype calls – with just a single button press you can accomplish everything needed with this device – while keeping a sleek design affordable yet versatile design in mind.

This latest version of the Stream Deck is more compact than its predecessor, featuring an all-in-one stand set at 45 degrees and weighing only 4.6 ounces compared to 11 for its predecessor. Furthermore, an easily removable faceplate lets users customize its 4.6×3.3 display; unique icon packs can also be purchased ($10) per faceplate.

Physically, the biggest update for 2018 is its new white colorway that matches up well with lighter hues seen in many gadgets this year. Otherwise, its software remains unchanged with same integrations available for everything from launching OBS and Twitch chats to controlling smart home devices and more. You can even add third-party plugins from its marketplace such as viewing stock prices or controlling Midi devices or creating customized key shortcuts.


No matter if you are an established streamer or just getting started, making your stream stand out requires more than gaming skills alone. A professional production is key to engaging audiences and you’ll find streamers using all sorts of gear to add that wow factor – the Elgato Stream Deck often plays a pivotal role here.

The Stream Deck is a physical control surface equipped with 15 LCD buttons capable of initiating various actions. These tactile buttons replace having to memorize keyboard shortcuts and provide visual confirmation that every command was executed successfully.

There is an array of plugins that make Stream Deck an ultra-customized tool, adding features like bindable power toggles and the capability of keeping PC from sleeping. Furthermore, plugins display text and images on screen for easier visualization of multi action sequencing or as an announcement when accepting donations or welcoming new subscribers.

Software also lets you bind specific apps and services, like Elgato Game Capture, OBS Studio or Twitter, as actions for action bindings. Macro creation also makes life simpler as multiple keyboard combinations or website launch are automated as desired by macro. When combined with lower thirds, transitions and signature intro/outro sequences activation, this device provides powerful streaming solutions.


If you work in creative fields, chances are there’s likely an endless series of processes you must repeat over and over. For instance, digital audio workstations (DAW) require keystrokes that repeat continuously when adding the finishing touches to projects. With the Stream Deck’s button feature, these steps can now be bound directly to buttons for easier keyboard usage and reduced risk of burnout.

The Stream Deck features 15 customizable buttons with tiny LED screens that can fire off personalized commands for everything from media launch and delivery, sending automated notifications, creating clips, adjusting audio levels or muzzling your microphone – the possibilities are limitless! It is quick and simple to setup, with software providing native support for Twitch, OBS Studio and Twitter with additional plugins adding even greater functionality.

Though originally intended for streaming and gaming, the Stream Deck can also serve content creators or anyone spending a significant amount of time using a computer. You can bind settings to specific keys, manage your smart home without interrupting gameplay and more!

Macro creation with IFTTT workflows is also possible, such as turning on Philips Hue lights when your television recorder begins recording. Although not cheap, the Stream Deck is worth its price due to its ability to streamline and simplify numerous workflows.