AW Electric Bike Conversion Kit Canada Review

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AW Electric Bike Conversion Kit

If you want the convenience of an electric motor but don’t want to spend as much, consider converting your existing bike. There are a variety of kits that can fit within any budget and suit different needs and wants.

There are kits designed to fit any bike and provide plenty of power for daily commuters or mountain riders, whether commuting regularly or exploring faraway mountains. The ideal kit features a powerful motor capable of handling high speeds without breaking down.

AW Ebike conversion kit


E-bike conversion kits provide an economical means of turning any bicycle into an electric model. They typically consist of either a mid-drive motor in front of the pedals (mid-drive motor) or hub motor at the rear wheel, as well as battery, controller, pedal sensor and optional display options.

These kits can be fitted onto various bikes, although certain models may be better suited to certain terrain. For instance, hub motors placed at the back of wheels may place too much strain on spokes, whereas mid-drive motors tend to be more durable. Furthermore, some kits require regular cleaning and tuning in order to maintain performance.

Weight should also be an important consideration, particularly with mid-drive kits which often have more components.

A high-quality mid drive kit should provide a natural ride feel while remaining lightweight. The Bafang mid drive motor is an ideal solution, fitting on most bikes with bottom bracket measurements between 68 to 73 millimeters. Plus, its dual mode controller lets you choose between Hall effect and non-Hall effect modes to extend battery life and enhance ride quality.


AW Ebike Conversion Kits offer bike owners who wish to add an electric boost a budget-conscious solution that won’t break the bank. Available as front or rear wheel conversion kits and available with 48V 1000W motor, these conversion kits can reach top speeds of 45 km/h with their thumb throttle control feature and 48 Volt 1000 Watt Motor that boasts 45km/h top speeds respectively. And don’t worry; their budget-conscious pricing makes these great additions!

This kit comes complete with a liquid crystal display for keeping an eye on battery power, speed, and mileage. Furthermore, there’s also a dual-mode controller to extend battery life; however it has been reported that instructions may be difficult to read.

Installing an electric motor on your bicycle is an enjoyable way to enhance commuter and leisure rides alike, but conversion kits will add weight. Motor and battery must be placed somewhere; often on the frame; hub-drive systems also exist that sit between wheels – these may be cheaper but tend to shift the weight forward making for an unbalanced riding experience.


This kit boasts an efficient motor that delivers plenty of power. This motor can be installed either front or rear for added customization, and also reduces risk for tire damage and chain tension issues while eliminating tension issues altogether. However, its weight may cause an imbalance but this can be easily offset with lighter wheels and batteries.

This kit comes equipped with a programmable handlebar display that lets you track metrics such as speed, distance, and more. Furthermore, you can adjust the amount of power you wish to receive; and its battery features a dual-mode controller capable of switching between Hall effects and non-Hall effects to extend its lifespan.

The e-bike conversion kit is simple to assemble and includes everything needed – battery, pedal sensor and wiring loom. Furthermore, this set offers various pedaling speeds and supports various pedaling styles for mountain biking, road riding and city riding; making this ideal for cyclists seeking to improve their performance.

This kit is easy to install without requiring frame modifications, quiet operation, and features a rechargeable battery that is easily charged up. Available in various options depending on bike model.

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AW Electric Bike Conversion Kit ebike is an excellent choice for cyclists who wish to add power and speed to their bikes. Equipped with a powerful 1000W motor and 52V battery that provide enough juice for long rides, making this ideal for commuters who don’t wish to stop and charge their bike along their commute. Furthermore, installation is made easier via YouTube video guides – another added convenience factor!

Comparative to other e-bike conversion kits, this one is more cost-effective and user-friendly. Additionally, it comes equipped with several additional features, including an LCD operation panel that displays riding information and battery power levels; additionally it’s suitable for almost any bike model and upgradeable at anytime.

The AW e-bike conversion kit is an all-in-one package featuring a BBSHD motor, brake level sensor, hydraulic brake sensor, chainring wheel, thumb throttle, crank, 1T4 wire and taillight – everything you need for electric biking conversion! With its powerful brushless hub motor that achieves high speeds with minimal noise and vibration. A dual mode controller ensures it works both Hall effect and non-Hall effect modes; plus its built-in throttle switch lets you easily select between them; plus its flexible installation between bikes can easily swap between bikes – but beware as this requires hub gear systems with axle sizes of 20mm or wider than this kit to work optimally!