How Can I Effectively Manage My Tasks And to-do Lists Using Todoist?

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Effectively Manage Tasks and To-Do Lists

Staying organized can be challenging for both students and professionals, so Todoist offers an effective solution. With its drag-and-drop functionality and smart notifications feature, this task manager helps keep everything on the right track so your tasks get done efficiently.

Create tasks by typing their names. Set reminders such as every Wednesday so that you won’t forget them. Additionally, Chrome, Firefox and Safari browser extensions enable instantaneous saving of websites as tasks instantly.


Todoist is an advanced task management platform with various organizational features designed for power users. These features include custom filters and labels, project sections and subtasks, collaboration features and integrations with apps, Smart Assistants and third-party tools.

Todoist offers a free basic version, and does an effective job at tracking tasks, priorities, and reminders. Utilizing Todoist will allow you to stay focused on what matters most without getting bogged down with unimportant work.

Todoist stands out with its user-friendly and detailed interface, making it simple to add new tasks and view your progress. Additionally, Todoist excels at keeping track of upcoming due dates (though its calendar functionality could use some improvement). Unfortunately, however, integration options may be lacking; teams that rely on specific workflows could find Todoist problematic; there have also been reports of syncing issues and notification delays hindering initial productivity levels of newcomers.


Todoist provides several features for organizing tasks. You can use them individually or collectively to craft a productivity system tailored specifically to you and your goals. Finding your optimal combination may take some trial-and-error, but it’s crucial that you experiment until you find one you trust.

Starting off, Todoist allows you to organize tasks using tags, filters and groups; set their priorities and due dates; assign them to projects; view them today or in the upcoming views; as well as visualize your tasks using its Kanban board view.

Create subtasks within any task and complete them as you work on the larger project. Crossed out subtasks will remain visible until their parent task has been finished.

Todoist makes team collaboration easier by sharing projects so all team members can view the same list of tasks and their progress. You can assign tasks easily to specific individuals in a shared project by either clicking the grey person icon next to a task (Web, macOS and Windows) or selecting them from the members list (iOS and Android). Leave project comments so your teammates can communicate effectively while keeping pertinent information organized.


Attaining your goals requires having an accurate picture of which tasks are of most importance to you. One effective method is setting priority levels for each task – Todoist offers four of them: red (p1), orange (2), yellow (3) and no color (4). These levels reflect the Pareto principle that states 80% of results come from 20% of efforts put forth.

Reorder tasks within or across projects by using drag-and-drop or keyboard shortcuts, or you can reschedule multiple tasks simultaneously in Today or Upcoming view.

Other features include a calendar feed to sync your schedule, reminders, email integration and collaboration tools such as Slack or Flat Tomato. While these features can be helpful, their extensive variety can be intimidating for first time users. Some users have experienced delays with App syncing and notifications causing it difficult to stay up-to-date and communicate with team members – yet these issues can easily be overcome by creating an intuitive workflow tailored to yourself and your team members.


As well as keeping track of what needs to be done, Todoist makes it easy to remember when tasks are due by sending timely reminders via email or push notification. Plus, with regular due dates you can stay on top of ongoing commitments such as weekly meetings or billing reports!

If you want a task to recur every Wednesday, simply enter “every Wednesday” in the task field. Todoist will create a new instance each week until you mark it complete – helping keep your to-do list from becoming overwhelmed with unfinished recurring tasks.

Break down larger tasks into subtasks for easier management and to make them less daunting, keeping completed sub-tasks visible until their parent tasks have also been accomplished. With Todoist’s search capabilities, finding tasks, comments, projects or labels with just one keyword search. Filters allow for further organizing tasks based on your needs while calendar apps such as BusyCal and Fantastical as well as email integration can all connect seamlessly and track time spent on tasks with integrations like Flat Tomato and Time Doctor provide added convenience and visibility into what tasks need doing and can also connect directly to calendar apps that integrate directly with each task and project you need – giving an overview of what needs doing and when needed.


Todoist makes it easy to organize tasks from emails by offering an “add task button”, available across platforms. Simply assign labels, specify a project, set priority levels (P1 to P4, as well as custom labels you create), and set reminders quickly and effortlessly.

You can delegate tasks to others using Todoist’s team collaboration features. Team members will be able to see and collaborate on shared tasks, comments, files and activity logs simultaneously – and projects can even be accessed directly via unique URLs or calendar integrations!

Eating the Frog means beginning each day by prioritizing tasks that are most critical and hardest to complete. With Todoist’s Priority feature, you can easily mark these important tasks with red color to ensure they always appear at the top of Your Today and Upcoming views.

Use the Upcoming View to gain an overview of your tasks for the coming week, month, or year. Plus you can drag-and-drop them between days to make adjustments as needed!