How to Fix a Google Pixel That Keeps Turning Off and Rebooting on Its Own

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Frustrating it can be to have a phone that suddenly reboots itself without warning – this could be caused by anything from software errors to physical malfunctions.

However, this issue can usually be solved by following some straightforward troubleshooting steps. Here are some tips on how to stop Google Pixel from turning off:

1. Restart the Phone

Sometimes a simple reboot can resolve an issue with your Pixel device. If it keeps shutting itself off and rebooting itself repeatedly, this could be due to software bugs causing issues while using it. Restarting typically will work to clear up these problems; however it may not solve those caused by battery issues or another hardware component.

To reboot the Pixel, simply press and hold the power button until the Google logo appears on the screen – this should take about five seconds. If this fails to work for you, try taking measures such as removing phone cases that might be pressing down on its power button, switching out chargers or USB cables etc.

If the problem continues, a factory reset might be in order. Doing this will delete all personal data on the device so be sure to back up any essential files first.

If your Pixel has many applications installed, it may be wise to clear some space by uninstalling any apps which might be causing problems and making it easier for you to locate their source. Also avoid fully charging its battery as doing so may decrease its ability to hold charges over time.

2. Check the Battery

Sometimes Pixel phones can develop an issue whereby it keeps shutting off unexpectedly and won’t come back on. This can be extremely annoying and present several difficulties for its owner; fortunately, there are several steps you can take to remedy the situation.

One of the primary reasons behind this problem may be faulty battery. If this occurs, then a new one must be purchased.

Another possible cause may be that your battery isn’t charging correctly, leading to frequent rebooting of the phone. To confirm this, charge and then run a diagnostic test; if it passes successfully, your battery should likely be fine; otherwise it could be something else entirely.

Try taking steps such as taking off your phone case or other accessories that may be pressing down on the power button, which may cause constant restarts of your device. Use a spudger if the button remains stuck down; alternatively you could try pressing hard on it with something like an adjustable tool to force it up if it remains stuck down.

Your battery saver mode might also help. This feature limits app updates, disables visual effects, prevents location tracking and other background activity and turns off OK Google; plus it can even be set to trigger automatically at certain percentages or according to your daily routine.

3. Check the Connection

Pixel 3 smartphones are popular due to their great features, yet some users report experiencing issues with them. Users have reported their Pixel suddenly shutting off or rebooting without prior warning – an inconvenience which may become particularly bothersome if trying to use your phone during this time. Here are a few strategies to help fix the issue.

First, switch up your charging cable and adapter to rule out issues with the charger itself. If this doesn’t help, there may be an issue with your battery which would require returning it to an authorized service center such as Google Store.

Try ejecting and reinserting the SIM card; this may reset its connection with your carrier’s network and solve your issue. Pressing on the small hole on the side of your phone with a SIM card ejector tool or straightened paperclip should do it; once finished, reinsert and reboot your phone before reinserting SIM.

This method will reset your phone’s Wi-Fi, Mobile and Bluetooth settings back to factory defaults and require reentering passwords for these services after completion of this method. Furthermore, this may delete any saved information stored in Pixel devices, so make sure any important files are backed up before proceeding with this reset process.

4. Check the Software

Google Pixel phones are generally considered reliable smartphones. Unfortunately, some Pixel owners have experienced an issue where their phone keeps shutting off or rebooting without apparent cause – this can be extremely irritating when trying to use it for work or school use; fortunately, there are some troubleshooting steps available which might help address this issue.

First and foremost, make sure your Pixel is running the latest Android operating system update. Many bugs are addressed in these updates, which is one way of helping minimize glitches on your phone.

Checking for updates can be done in Settings – System – Software Update. If no updates are available, performing a factory reset may also help. It should only be attempted if nothing else works; if it’s your final resort. If this does prove necessary, make sure that an external backup of all of your data and settings exists prior to beginning any such reset process.

If your device’s power button is damaged or broken, try simulating pressing it using something such as a toothpick or pin to test if this works; otherwise you could upgrade to another model of Google Pixel; your cellular service provider should have options available to them for replacement phones.