The Best Free Script Writing Software for Students

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Script Writing Software

Script writing is the practice of producing a free outline for a story that actors can perform on stage or screen, such as film, stage plays and television programs. A script can serve many different uses across media including films, stage plays and television programs.

No matter the medium, when writing your script there are some essential aspects that must be kept in mind when writing it. For instance, screenplays require using 12-point Courier font.


Trelby is a free script Writing Software with an uncluttered user interface designed for screenwriters. Rebranded from Blyte, Trelby can be found both for Windows and Linux users.

This screenwriting software features two views – draft view and WYSIWYG mode – plus it boasts an expansive character name database containing over 200,000 names from different countries. Furthermore, writers can create scene/location/character/dialogue reports as well as compare scripts.

The screenwriting program also features an advanced revision tracking feature to assist writers in keeping tabs on any changes made to their scripts, and includes an easy character navigation system allowing writers to quickly jump between characters within their narrative.

Finally, this program supports import and export to FDX format for easy script submission to someone using Final Draft.

Final Draft

Final Draft is one of the premier script writing software applications available, used by professional writers around the world. It is easy to use yet powerful enough for complex projects; plus it offers numerous templates and styles.

This program boasts an advanced story development tool, making it suitable for writing various types of projects. Furthermore, refined beat boards and story maps help organize ideas while providing visual guidelines that keep you on track with visual guidelines.

Amazon account holders can even get it free! Though not as feature-packed as other screenwriting software packages, this one definitely merits consideration if you’re in search of an affordable yet high-quality app.

Film, television and multimedia productions often opt for it due to its robust beat boards and story maps as well as real-time collaboration and revision capabilities.


Contour was developed by Emmy Award-nominated screenwriter Jeffrey Alan Schechter to assist writers with creating a solid outline from start to finish. While other systems may be too complicated or lightweight for your needs, Contour provides structure that allows for uninterrupted script writing.

Contour lines on maps represent ground elevation or depression. Their spacing can indicate either steep slopes or gentle gradients.

Contour lines may be labeled in various ways based on Cartographic Conventions, such as line color or line type. They may even be broken in patterns to provide additional information that cannot be conveyed solely through the base map.


Scrivener can make life simpler for screenwriters. Its innovative Script mode automatically formats your script in industry-standard formats as you write.

Binder is another useful feature, providing all your research, notes and images in one convenient place which you can easily access when necessary. Similar to paper binders but more flexible as you can rearrange its order as desired.

Learning any program has an intimidating learning curve and even its most enthusiastic supporters acknowledge this fact. Luckily, there are excellent online courses available to help get you going on this path.

If you’re serious about writing, investing in a program such as Scrivener may help organize and take your projects to the next level. A license for both Windows and Mac computers (along with iPad iOS compatibility) costs just $45, or bundle deals can offer significant discounts.