What are the Best Smart Scales for Tracking Weight, Body Composition, and Syncing Data with Fitness Apps?

What are the Best Smart Scales for Tracking Weight, Body Composition, and Syncing Data with Fitness Apps?

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Gadgets That Help You Stay Healthy and Fit

Smart scales connect wirelessly with smartphones via Bluetooth or WiFi and offer
real-time insights into Health and Fitness metrics.

Consider purchasing a smart scale that integrates with the ecosystem you already
use, such as Fitbit or Google Health Connect. Some scales also interface
with workout tracking apps to help you meet your fitness goals even
more effectively.

Fitbit Aria Air Bluetooth Digital Smart Scale

image depicting a fitbit smart weight scale

The Fitbit Aria Air smart scale is slimmer and lighter of their two smart scale options, seamlessly connecting with the Fitbit app through Bluetooth wireless technology for accurate weight tracking over time as well as trends to show how diet and exercise impact your weight.

The Fitbit App presents your stats in easily understandable charts and graphs, making it easier for you to stay motivated. You can view your data either by yourself, or share it with family or friends who also use a Fitbit device.

If you want an easy and convenient digital bathroom scale that syncs directly to a fitness tracker and app, the scale is an excellent option. But for deeper measures such as body fat percentage measurements, other scales exist that offer this capability – Withings offers several models compatible with both Fitbit and other Fitness apps.


  • Lightweight design
  • Easy setup and syncing with Fitbit app
  • Measures weight accurately


  • Limited body composition measurements (weight only measurements)
  • Some users experienced syncing issues on occasion

Withings’ Body+ smart scale is one of the best-selling smart scales on the market and provides comprehensive health analysis metrics. In addition to traditional weight and BMI measurements, this scale gives insight into fat percentage, bone mass, muscle mass, water mass, skeletal density basal metabolic rate (BMR), vascular age and more – providing valuable data insights for effective health monitoring.

The smart scale connects wirelessly and automatically syncs every weigh-in to the Withings Health Mate app for tracking and managing progress over time. In addition, this service pulls together data from other apps like Apple Health and Google Fit so you have a comprehensive picture of your health.

The Body+ is equipped with multiple modes that tailor its experience for each user, such as pregnancy mode. This option tracks progress during the first trimester with advice from obstetricians. Up to eight user profiles can be supported simultaneously and metrics are displayed with accuracy in 0.1lb increments for pinpointed metrics.


  • Comprehensive body composition (weight, body fat percentage, muscle mass, among other measurements)
  • Wi-Fi syncing for easy data transfer
  • Integrates with popular fitness apps


  • Price is higher compared to basic scales
  • Setup process may require a bit more time for some users

With its large tempered glass platform and sophisticated sensors, this scale provides accurate results to help keep you healthy and fit. Plus, its sleek design features a large backlit LCD display so your results will appear almost instantaneously when stepping on the scale.

This scale easy to setup and use, performing exceptionally well in our durability tests. Utilizing bioelectrical impedance technology for accurate weight measurement as well as body fat percentage measurement.

Etekcity scales stand out as favorites due to their baby mode, allowing you to safely weigh newborns without needing to hold them down. In addition, there’s a zero-current mode which turns off electrodes to reduce EMF exposure – perfect for people with sensitive skin! Finally, their affordable pricing makes this model the ideal option.


  • Very affordable and budget-friendly
  • Large backlit display for easy reading and logging
  • Sturdy construction


  • Only does the basics
  • No wireless syncing

If you’re in search of an innovative bathroom scale to provide accurate measurements of body fat, muscle mass, water weight and bone density then this one could be ideal. Equipped with Bluetooth functionality for connectivity with various health and fitness apps like Apple Health, Samsung Health, Google Fit and MyFitnessPal this smart scale makes measuring body composition simple.

Bioelectrical impedance analysis scales use bioelectrical impedance analysis to accurately gauge your body composition. They do this by sending small electrical impulses up one leg and down another before measuring their resistance; this measurement then provides information about total body water, muscle, fat, and bone mass.

Renpho also keeps an eye on trends over time to allow you to track whether or not your weight loss and fitness goals are on track. You can add circumference measurements from compatible measuring tapes (opens in new tab) directly into the Renpho app to gain more detailed metrics.


  • Measures multiple body composition metrics, allowing for better overall tracking
  • Bluetooth syncing with Renpho app and other third party apps
  • Allows for multiple user profiles


  • Accuracy may vary for some body composition measurements
  • App interface could be a bit more user-friendly