The Best Durable and Kid-Friendly Smartphones That Include Parental Controls

The Best Durable and Kid-Friendly Smartphones for Teenagers That Include Parental Controls?

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Durable and Kid-Friendly Smartphones

According to Nielsen research, kids usually get their first cell phone around age 10. That makes this an opportune time to consider an Affordable Smartphone with childproof features and design.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the most budget friendly and durable devices for young children.

Apple iPhone SE (2nd generation)

The second-generation iPhone SE is an excellent, compact choice for families, boasting a smaller display than flagship models but still offering reliable battery life and plenty of features.

Apple’s A-series chip, which is faster than its predecessor. 5G connectivity and software-based upgrades such as Deep Fusion are among the many software enhancements.

However, its design is rather outdated and features one of the smallest displays currently found on a new phone. Furthermore, it lacks the headphone jack found on iPhone 12 and boasts an aluminum body instead of stainless steel construction – although still water and dust resistant.


  • Powerful performance for an affordable price
  • Advanced parental control features and Family Sharing features
  • Wide range of apps and games
  • Compact size and comfortable
  • High-quality camera for the price


  • Smaller display compared to some competitors
  • Limited customization options compared to Android

Samsung is an industry-leader when it comes to budget phones, and their Galaxy A51 stands up as proof. Offering stunning design with mid-tier silicon at a very reasonable price.

The A51 stands out with its large 6.5-inch OLED display, which boasts vivid, sharp imagery that makes outdoor reading comfortable in sunlight. Furthermore, the slim bezels and hole-punch selfie camera give it a modern aesthetic that could fool anyone into believing you were looking at an even more expensive Samsung flagship phone at first glance.

The A51 has an Exynos 9611 processor and 4GB of memory that should meet most users’ needs, but may struggle when playing demanding games or switching apps frequently. Furthermore, its cameras are decent but cannot compete with top-of-the-line phones when working in low light conditions.


  • Large display
  • Long battery life
  • Parental control features like Secure Folder and Kids Mode
  • Access to apps and games on the Google Play Store
  • Good camera performance for the price


  • Some users have reported occasional software issues
  • Updates may not be as timely as flagship Samsung devices
  • Build quality may not be as rugged

Motorola’s G Power budget phones remain popular choices among those needing all-day battery life on a single charge. Not the most expensive smartphone on the market, yet still delivers with its excellent battery, decent camera system and expandable storage.

Motorola gave their G Power an updated appearance in 2022 with a 6.5-inch full HD+ display and central punch hole for camera access. They also relocated the fingerprint sensor from its previous placement on the power button to behind the back cover, for greater convenience and comfort.

The 5,000mAh battery should easily last through an entire workday, while its media-friendly 90Hz refresh rate outshines most cheaper competitors. Unfortunately, however, its Snapdragon 662 processor doesn’t perform anywhere near as efficiently.


  • Excellent battery life that can last for multiple days
  • Stock Android experience with little bloat software
  • Parental control features through Digital Wellbeing and Google Family Link
  • Affordable price point
  • Decent performance for normal tasks and light gaming


  • Low-light camera performance may not be as impressive
  • Display quality may not be as vibrant as flagship devices
  • May not have as many advanced features

The LG K30 smartphone was released for purchase in May 2018 and features several helpful capabilities for those searching for a budget-friendly device.

It features a 5.3-inch display and offers an average battery life when browsing continuously online. Furthermore, this phone boasts multiple sensors such as accelerometer, ambient light sensor, gyroscope, compass fingerprint and proximity Sensors.

This phone was designed to give users access to the latest apps and high-resolution smart cameras, along with sophisticated designs, organizational tools, and security features that make it suitable for life on the move. Lightweight yet easily fitting in hand; though its resistance against twisting may not compare favorably with some of its counterparts listed here.


  • Affordable price point for buyers looking to provide children their first device
  • Durable build quality
  • Parental control features
  • Expandable storage for additional apps and photos
  • Decent performance for everyday use


  • Display quality may be lacking
  • Camera performance is very basic
  • Limited software updates