What are the Most User-Friendly High-Tech Gadgets for Older Adults who are not Tech-Savvy?

What are the Most User-Friendly High-Tech Gadgets for Older Adults who are not Tech-Savvy?

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Baby Boomers want to age gracefully and independently. Technology has become an invaluable asset in meeting this goal.

An entry-level Smartphone provides seniors with numerous advantages, including video chatting with family and staying in contact with friends online.

Smart speakers provide another simple device for seniors as they are voice activated. Seniors can use them to turn on lights, lock their doors, and open window shades.

Let’s take a look at the best gadgets available for our loved ones:

Jitterbug Flip

Jitterbug phones by GreatCall offer a more Straightforward cell Phone experience for older adults. Their large buttons, simple menus and loud speakers make for an easier interaction, without video capabilities or internet access – perfect for those who don’t require too many features in a phone.

All our monthly add-ons offer additional services such as Urgent Response that allows users to connect directly with a live operator who can dispatch a live nurse or board-certified doctor directly to them in an emergency situation. There is also medication reminder, social calendar and additional safety services.

The Easyfone Prime A1 is designed specifically to make life simpler for senior citizens. With a user-friendly design that makes it simple to use and an emergency SOS button that automatically contacts up to five different contacts via text and voice messages, this phone makes life easy for seniors.

It features an easy home screen layout, large fonts, and increased volume to help those with hearing loss. Plus, its charging cradle makes charging easy: no need to look for cords or remember to plug it in when charging is due!

Amazon’s flagship e-reader, the Kindle Paperwhite is known for combining outstanding hardware with an intuitive tablet operating system and is also the most cost-effective of their e-readers, costing just $90 or $110 without ads.

The Paperwhite’s hardware remains relatively unchanged, featuring its 6.8-inch 300ppi front flush display with no glare-free edges. LED lighting now provides options of white or warm illumination for improved nighttime reading.

There’s also the “Signature Edition” of the Paperwhite, offering additional premium features such as automatically-adjusting front light and USB-C charging compared to its standard model’s already impressive specs. However, it lacks physical page turn buttons like those found on Oasis devices and still requires you to tap on its screen instead.


The Echo Dot has quickly established itself as one of the more cost-effective smart speakers on the market, thanks to its voice assistant technology which assists seniors in performing many daily tasks like shopping, list-making and video calling.

The Dot can connect to smart home devices such as lights, thermostats, electronic devices and doorbells, as well as control a TV when used with Alexa-enabled systems or apps.

Seniors can use Alexa to set reminders to take medications on time and prevent missed appointments, run errands with services like Amazon Prime or Whole Foods, or access in-home care services via Alexa Together. This device is specially popular with seniors with mobility issues, making it a must have!


The Luminoodle is an effective ambient lighting system, emitting ultra-bright LED light. Consisting of five feet worth of lights connected by utility loops, reusable universal ties, and magnets stored in its cinchable storage bag, the device offers convenient lighting solutions in any environment.

This LED strand comes equipped with three magnetic sliders and a strong magnet at the end of its battery pack, for easy attachment to metal surfaces. Plus, there’s even an included remote control to adjust brightness, color and modes!

Mesh networking kits provide an efficient solution to connectivity issues within entire homes. The Tenda Nova MW6 includes three nodes that create an efficient wireless network over an area of at least 2000+ square feet.

Mesh technology enables the system to effortlessly traverse thick walls. Furthermore, the router supports up to 20 devices simultaneously and can download an UHD movie in just one minute!

On each unit, a maintenance schedule that reboots its device can be set, though this feature can be disabled if desired. These cube-shaped units are small enough to hide, with cord insertion slots so they can easily be wall-mounted.


Bottom Line

Overall, each of these devices from phones to smart speakers have unique strengths and features, as technology has become an invaluable asset for our loved ones to retain independence and stay safe.