The Best Emulators for Android Phones in 2023

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The Best Phone Emulators

For advanced mobile games, it is necessary to own a recent flagship device. Snapdragon chipsets generally offer superior driver support and will run titles like Metroid Prime and F-Zero GX more smoothly than processors such as Exynos or MediaTek.

One of the greatest achievements in mobile gaming emulation is Sony’s PlayStation 2 hardware running on Android phones thanks to PCSX2, an emulator only available on PCs. A single developer was responsible for this achievement.


AetherSX2 is the ultimate PlayStation 2 emulator for Android with an exceptional compatibility rate and configurable graphics settings, giving gamers access to classic titles from days gone by – giving you a taste of gaming’s golden age all over again!

This emulator is ad-supported, meaning it will show ads while you play. However, despite this fact it remains one of the most popular options among PlayStation 2 gamers since its launch in 2023. Most mid-range phones should support it well; to achieve optimal game performance ensure your device features at least a Snapdragon 845 or similar processor.

The developer advises that your phone has at least a Snapdragon 845-level processor and four large CPU cores (Cortex-A75 or higher). Furthermore, frameskip features within this app allow games to run more smoothly on less powerful devices by skipping some frames during gameplay.

AetherSX2 can be found on Google Play Store, but to use it you’ll require a flagship-class smartphone with either Snapdragon or MediaTek chipset technology. According to its developer, older devices may experience slowdowns while performance varies depending on which games are played.


Citra is an open source Nintendo 3DS emulator for Android that has become one of the premier 3DS emulators globally. While still slow in development, over 150 developers have contributed over time. Based on CTR debugger, it is licensed under GPLv2.

Contrary to other unofficial ports, Citra is official and updated frequently. It supports an impressive range of homebrew games as well as commercial ones – including many that were once exclusive. Furthermore, it boasts features previously unavailable in such ports such as amiibo support, motion controls, camera/microphone compatibility and gamepad support – among many others.

Citra for Android can be downloaded free from Google Play. However, an in-app purchase for $5 unlocks Premium features which, at present, include dark theme and texture filtering. Alternatively, support can be given directly through their Patreon page or contributing directly. Citra requires a CPU with high single thread performance to run games smoothly; otherwise lag may occur or it might even stop working altogether.


Dolphin is an emulator designed to let users play GameCube and Wii games on mobile devices running the Lollipop operating system of Android. While technically demanding, Dolphin offers some impressive features including high game compatibility, fast forward/slow down mode support and external hardware support – making it worth its while if you own such devices!

My Boy is another popular option that enables Android phone users to enjoy GBA games on their smartphone, thanks to an intuitive user interface with controller mapping options and quality-of-life settings that enable customizing the gaming experience. Plus, Dropbox clouding lets them synchronize performance so they can resume from where they left off playing!

For optimal performance, smartphones equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor are recommended; these chips are the most powerful found in flagship smartphones and offer strong driver support – perfect for emulation. NVIDIA Tegra processors may also be found on some Android tablets and TV streaming devices; however, their support levels don’t compare to that of Snapdragon chips.


GBA emulator for Android that is highly compatible with external controllers and features fast forward/rewind modes, cheat code support, BIOS emulation, rumble emulation and other advanced features – plus support for various resolutions!

Gesture Control provides users with an intuitive experience. In addition, this device comes equipped with multiple ROMs for users to choose from and can run games with high graphics quality. Furthermore, there is a wide selection of plugins to enhance gameplay further.

Xbox and Wii emulation on smartphones is highly developed; however, PlayStation 2 requires exotic custom hardware which makes emulating more challenging. Therefore, it only works well on recent flagship phones equipped with powerful cores and mid-range or higher GPUs; though performance can still be enhanced through tweaking settings or using workarounds like frame skipping or switching graphics plugins; though results will depend entirely on each individual device and software configuration.


DraStic is an Android emulator of Nintendo’s DS that boasts advanced features not found in other similar apps, including synchronization with Google Drive to back up and restore game data, support for HID controllers via HID or Bluetooth, HID controllers on Xperia Play or Moga, NVIDIA SHIELD SHIELD support as well as hundreds of thousands of cheat codes for each game, and customizable emulation speed so you can fast forward or slow down gaming experiences at the press of a button!

DraStic stands out from its competition in that it was specifically built for Android from scratch; while most other DS emulators based on Windows code run slowly on Android. By contrast, DraStic was designed from its inception to work efficiently on ARM architecture; all it requires for optimal functioning is at least a Cortex-A8 CPU and 256MB of RAM, and should work perfectly fine on most modern phones released over recent years.

DraStic can be found on Google Play store for $4.99, offering one of the most reliable Nintendo DS emulators for mobile devices.

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