Unlock the Power of Telepathy with Medium Card Game

Medium: A Mind Reading Party Game

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Medium Card Game Overview

Medium is an exciting card game that draws on similar elements as Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity, but rewards partners for understanding each other rather than pandering for cheap laughs.

On your turn, pair up with the player to your left and play a word card together. They will then do the same and try to create something from those two words by sharing phrases or saying something related between the words they played.


Players act as psychic mediums, using their extrasensory abilities to access other players’ minds. Working in pairs, they attempt to mentally determine and simultaneously say out loud the Medium word that connects two cards!

To start off the game, a number of sets equaling your player count minus one are selected and shuffled together before inserting three breaking crystal ball cards in the bottom third of your deck. Next, each player receives their starting hand of six cards which feature words such as Pizza, Halloween, Pirate, Morgue Spot Astronaut Hotel etc.

On a player’s turn, they place one card face up in front of them before pairing off with their neighbor to their left and taking a look at all three players’ cards simultaneously before trying to say the same word simultaneously on three.

When they successfully execute a Mind Meld, they’ll take an 1st Attempt token from the first pile and add it to a shared pile that they will score points from at the end of the game. If they don’t succeed on their second try, their turn ends after they use up all three attempts tokens – otherwise their second and third attempt tokens must be used and their turn concludes immediately.


Medium is a fun word-guessing party game for two to eight players that can be enjoyed individually or as teams. Players take on the role of psychic mediums by using extra-sensory powers to access other players’ thoughts. Each player takes turns playing cards from their hand before counting to three and out loud saying out a word that connects words on both cards.

Each team consists of one Medium and their partner. Partners are randomly chosen and seated around the table. The first player begins each round by playing a card from their hand face up on the table; their partner then follows by matching this card by playing one from their hand face down onto the table.

Once players have matched their cards with those of their partner, they are ready to begin. The player on their left will play another card before both attempt to match up their words by counting to three and speaking out loud a single word that connects both cards.

If you guess correctly, then your team earns one Mind Meld token from the First Attempt pile (worth 5 or 6 points), plus take one Third Attempt token each that belongs to both yourself and your partner for your Third Attempt pile. However, if you fail to correctly guess an object then your turn ends and no tokens were awarded to either party.


Medium Meld is an entertaining party game with minimal preparation needed, easily played anytime! All players will need two cards with different words on them to form pairs that form bridges between these words and find ways to connect them through words, phrases or names – the first team who does so will win and pull themselves from Media Maelstrom! Furthermore, an expansion pack offers even more word cards and special power cards!


Medium’s scoring system is easy and effective: each player is given three chances to connect words and then their points are split equally between both players; this ensures that one pair doesn’t run away with the game and amass massive points quickly.

To start the game, players take a number of sets equal to their player count minus one and shuffle them together. Three crystal ball cards will then be added to the bottom third of the deck before dealing themselves a starting hand of six word cards.

Each card displays a word such as hammer, ocean or Hawaii and players pair up. On each turn, their player to their left will lay one card down facing up while they both lay down one as well. After placing down both cards facing up simultaneously, both teams work to connect them by finding words or phrases between them.

This fast-paced party game can be quite hilarious! Educational and thought-provoking at once, this unique party game encourages players to think critically about any medium, technology or innovation for its unintended repercussions and unintentional side-effects. A great way to bridge gaps between people while encouraging conversations around new topics; definitely worth giving this unique party game a go!

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