What Are The Latest Gaming Accessories For An Enhanced Gameplay Experience

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Reviewing The Latest Gaming Accessories

PC, laptop and console gaming can be an excellent way to unwind, socialise with online friends and enjoy an immersive interactive experience – but only with the appropriate hardware in hand can you reap its full benefits.

This list highlights the latest gaming accessories designed to complete your top-of-the-line gaming system.

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HyperX Cloud Revolver Headset

Hyperx gaming headset

If you want a headset designed specifically for gaming, the HyperX Cloud Revolver S is your go-to solution. Its metal frame boasts a solid yet robust feel while its thick padding in its ear cups is comfortable for extended gaming sessions. In addition, its lightweight construction ensures maximum portability; furthermore, its adjustable headband fits any head size with minimal clamping pressure.

The Cloud Revolver S is designed with 50mm directional drivers and offers 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound to provide the optimal gaming headset experience. Perfect for console and PC games alike, its audio quality remains crisp and balanced – especially FPS games where its wide sound stage lets you hear sounds far away that allow quick responses against opponents.

The Cloud Revolver S stands out from competing headsets by having its mic mute switch located on its ear cup rather than being part of its advanced USB control box. You can toggle surround sound and mic mute, adjust volume levels for both headphones and mic separately as well as toggle surround sound settings across various platforms like TeamSpeak 3, Discord or Skype with ease using this versatile headset.

Its 3.5mm connection is designed to work with most devices, including phones. A braided cable connects the left ear cup, measuring 3.33 feet (1m). At its other end is a 3.5mm jack for plugging into left headphone – suitable for PC and PS4, as well as being compatible with Nintendo Switch, Xbox One series X, and PlayStation 4 platforms. Finally, they arrive packaged in an easy to store soft case.

HP is no stranger to gaming hardware, with their OMEN line of PCs and accessories providing gamers with an immersive gaming experience. HP recently unveiled two smart products in this area – their Photon wireless mouse and Outpost mousepad are perfect combinations that provide gamers with an elegant yet intelligent gaming experience.

The $130 Photon ambidextrous mouse features optical-mechanical switches with an impressive click response time of only 0.2 milliseconds – three times faster than traditional mechanical switches – providing more responsive and precise gameplay experience. Perfect for gamers, its rubber base will prevent slipperiness during intense gaming sessions while its micro-textured surface ensures all movements translate precisely onto the screen.

Notable among its features is Qi wireless charging functionality, which works by placing the mouse on an area of its pad that supports it – located above OMEN logo at top – which then delivers 5W of power while in use.

Both the mouse and pad feature customizable RGB lighting that can be managed via HP’s Omen Command Center software. In addition, this software also allows for tracking and analyzing gameplay such as winning/losing records and average FPS counts as well as acting as game launcher and rewarding achievements.

At $100 (roughly equivalent to AU$140 and PS80 converted), the Outpost mousepad may not be cheap, but it offers unique features that make it more desirable than standard pads on the market. Notable among them include its flippable soft/hard texture padding, Qi pad for Photon compatibility and USB passthrough port – making this duo an excellent investment for serious gamers willing to spend extra.

DAYBETTER LED light strips are an easy and cost-effective solution for gamers looking for long-term illumination of their gaming setup. Installation takes mere seconds and performance lasts months or years depending on use case; from TV walls to stairs they add an eye-catching element. However, some precautions should be taken when using these lights – one important note being resetting may erase custom settings which could prove inconvenient in hard-to-reach locations such as behind a TV.

Keep in mind if you’re using multiple strips: they must all be connected using connectors with similar voltage. You can find these connectors online and in most home improvement stores. Also make sure that any strips cut incorrectly won’t work as they won’t make contact with copper dots and electricity won’t flow freely through.

Make sure that you have access to a smartphone or tablet running the DAYBETTER app with a stable Wi-Fi connection in order to control the lights remotely through this application. Use either an IR remote control or Tuya Smart App IR remotes as necessary in order to change colors or brightness levels remotely.

The DAYBETTER LED light strips come with everything needed for instant installation, such as a 24-button remote and power adapter, as well as an instruction manual that’s clear enough for beginners. Plus, the flexible lighting solution provided by DAYBETTER allows it to be controlled using different methods like an infrared remote, Apollo Lighting App on mobile phones or control box. Plus it has more affordable prices – making this an excellent solution for gamers!

Gamers looking to add vibrant lighting effects to their rig can select from various types of LED lights. RGB bulbs and strips install quickly and provide color-changing effects compatible with keyboards and mice, while more recently manufacturers have introduced gaming-specific wall panel lights, which add an eye-catching splash of color while drawing attention to PC components such as cases and motherboards.

Govee’s LED strip is a Matter-certified product compatible with Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant as well as smart home platforms supporting this protocol. According to Govee’s claim, you can voice-control it using virtual assistants such as Siri or Alexa – although I was unable to test this with my personal setup. Furthermore, please be aware that this kit doesn’t feature dynamic lighting scenes and should only be used for static illumination purposes.

Govee M1 LED light strips stand out from other lights by featuring soft silicone exteriors that offer better resistance against bumps and bruises that occur around a gaming desk. Furthermore, their gentle fabric feels much nicer to touch than most bare edges found elsewhere; additionally, this silicone light doesn’t become hot after long use either!

Installing the Govee Home app is straightforward, though you will need to carefully plan out where and how you wish to adhere the lights and where to locate its control box and power adapter. When done, connect it to a power source to ensure everything is functioning as intended before mounting it on your rig – then explore its different scenes and patterns available via its app!

Thumb grips are an inexpensive addition that can transform your gaming experience. Made of silicone covers that snap onto existing analog sticks for added comfort, accuracy and sensitivity; thumb grips come in different textures and shapes that you can customize according to your play style and preferences – such as BeautyMood 40pcs Colorful Thumb Grips which feature various designs so you can select one that best matches both personal preference and the environment where you play games.

Silicone caps designed to fit PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One/Xbox One S/Wii U game controllers offer protection from wear and tear while preventing slippage during gameplay. Installing them couldn’t be simpler: simply turn them inside out and pop over the analog stick for quick installation. These comfortable concave grip add-ons provide casual gamers with additional confidence during gaming sessions.

KontrolFreek Omni is an ideal premium set designed for FPS games. Featuring two sets of grips – low-rise for extra comfort and sensitivity when positioning thumbs correctly; and high-rise with more height for precision and control without fatiguing thumbs – both stackable so they can be placed on either stick as desired.

Fosmon Joystick Thumb Grips offer an attractive alternative to traditional grips, boasting a clean black aesthetic reminiscent of industry Xbox One X/S controllers. These non-slip grips feature soft silicone texture for ultimate comfort on thumbs and helping prevent slippage, while their textured patterns guide thumbs into center of grips, potentially improving gaming performance.